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Send in the Clowns


Sometimes love is not enough

Trying to live your life with a terminal illness is tough when everyone wants you to be patient. But when love enters the picture, you must choose whether to spend the time you have left living or dying. Gio and Gina must decide how they will live their lives, but in the end, someone must pay the price.

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Ste. Monica's Day

Coming Winter of 2021

When a priest is faced with conflict between duty, conscience, life, and death…

What must he do?

Just to keep you abreast of things going on: I am currently doing the final edits on Ste. Monica’s Day–a bit of a nuisance that cannot be avoided–but I am also writing another novel that I plan to publish in early 2022. No working title yet, but it is set in the South, has interesting characters, and should make for good reading. Hahahahahahahaha.

How’s that for a tease?